Rob Riches

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I first became interested in weight training when I was 15 after years of mountain biking. I did my first fitness competition at 21, and over the next decade completed in almost 30 shows, winning two world championships titles. When I first started training, there were very little people around who shared my same passion and enthusiasm for training. I had no one to ask advice from, and had to learn it all myself. My hunger for knowledge towards physiology, anatomy, and nutrition, meant I was constantly reading and learning, and would carefully monitor the results throughout my own training, which I am grateful for the physique I have and the lifestyle I live today. I am still continuing to learn, and progress both my training and physique. I am continually inspired and motivated by seeing a new generation of fitness enthusiasts learn and grow, and believe that my program here is the best advice I can offer to anyone to help fast track their progress.