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Jen Heward's

Full Body Build & Burn

Jen Heward's

Full Body Build & Burn
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Jen started her fitness journey much like the rest of us, relatively clueless. She was active in the gym for about four years, but her fitness regimen was limited to cardio, abs, and occasionally the leg press machine. After her health took a scary turn where she was consuming junk food frequently, she decided to put her foot down. She was determined to make a change not only for the way her body looked, but also for how she felt. Jen set a number of goals and with some research, hard work, and consistency, she accomplished them – and then some! Jen knows the value of hard work and she also knows that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. With her collection of Fitplans, she aims to help you believe in yourself enough to know that you deserve the best. Jen hopes to continue to be a positive influence in the world and help change as many lives as she can.