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Cam Speck's

Bodyweight Burner Max

Cam Speck's

Bodyweight Burner Max
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14 day fitplan
Train 4x/week
30 min workout
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About My Fitplan

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Shred Fat

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Tracks reps, sets and time right in the app
Video instruction for every exercise
Support from a global community
Available for iPhone and Android
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About my Fitplan
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About your trainer

Cam Speck is the co-founder and president of Fitplan Technologies whose mission is to empower people through health and fitness. He believes that fitness sets the foundation for a great life, allowing you to perform better at everything you do, while developing the confidence and mindset to become your best self. Cam also believes that fitness shouldn’t be complicated, which is what inspired his Fitplan, Bodyweight Burner. After years behind the camera creating fitplans for dozens of trainers, Cam switched gears to share his efficient and equipment-free training methods with subscribers who, much like himself, are always on the go. Leading by example in every way, Cam shows us that when you make your health your priority, nothing can stand in your way.
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