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Renee Siljeg's

Bodyweight Pilates Level 1

Renee Siljeg's

Bodyweight Pilates Level 1
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In 2009 Renee Siljeg had become a mother of two children and made the decision to begin Pilates classes in order to repair, realign, and strengthen her body. Almost instantly Renee recognized that the practice of controlled movement, while being effective in building physical strength, also developed a heightened awareness of the coordination between mind, body, and spirit. It is this aspect of Pilates that has become addictive to Renee, who is now passionate about helping others to develop well-being within a Pilates practice of their own. After earning a Diploma of Pilates Instruction in 2011, it took five years for Renee to climb her way up to opening her own boutique studio, ‘Pilates House’ in Perth, Western Australia. It is here that she has refined her unique instruction style which is detailed, systemic, and creative, whilst also honoring the original work of Joseph Pilates and its history. To Renee, Pilates is connection, purpose, and discovery... both on and off the mat! Pilates is a practice, and Renee understands that the journey to health and wellbeing is not linear. Self-care and personal growth is a mountainous upward path. Renee explains that we each start at the base of our OWN mountain, and no one is above or below us. It is our mission to climb, reach a peak, and celebrate the milestones, then either forge on or revisit past lessons to pick up overlooked treasures. More than physical exercise, Pilates can be life-changing. It is Renee’s hope that you will allow her programs to guide you to better understand your true capabilities through a heightened sense of self-awareness, balance, and control. Renee is excited to support you to begin the climb!
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