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Yanet Garcia's

Fit at Home Challenge

Yanet Garcia's

Fit at Home Challenge
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Yanet Garcia, dubbed the "World's Hottest Weather Girl," first rose to fame delivering the forecasts on Mexican TV. She began her career as a model and then quickly vaulted to fame as a forecaster, and has recently also forayed into acting. With over 12.5 million followers on Instagram (and counting), Yanet is well-known for her perfect figure, one she maintains through a strict diet and exercise regimen. Self-admittedly, Yanet began her journey when seeking a way to transform" with "Yanet Garcia is a mexican tv host, actress and model. She is an inspiration to all girls because of her personal own experience, she struggled very much with her weight –she was very skinny as a teenager and during her growth-, but hardwork and discipline paid off, becoming after, a model but also, studying accountability as her career and earning her degree. She became famous as the “weather girl” sweetheart in Mexico and her social media started growing at rocket speed! With over 12.5M followers, Yanet debuted in cinema this year in spanish film “Bellezonismo” and in theater also. Yanet shares her routines and fitness secrets with you via Fitplan! Being dedicated, disciplined and hardworking are her main characteristics, so enjoy!
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