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Valeria Orsini's

High Intensity Fat Burn

Valeria Orsini's

High Intensity Fat Burn
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Valeria Bio - Valeria Orsini , Vicious V, The workout Queen, The Energizer bunny, or The Girl in the Red Dress as some refer to her. Valeria started her career as a young model after she stumbled upon a MAXIM casting happening on south beach. The very same photos that were taken of her that day on the beach were published 2 months later in MAXIM USA. Valeria went on to do Maxim Latino and many more men’s magazines. The big crossover into the fitness world came naturally. Valeria always loved sports like Boxing & MMA. Her family and friends know this best, always one of the boys rock climbing, riding bike, and slap boxing. Don’t let the face fool you, her Kru (teacher) gave her the nickname “Vicious V” for a reason. She absolutely loves martial arts and gives it all the credit for her fitness career. Muay Thai is her favorite but it became a gateways to all styles of training especially since she was in the best shape of her life. She quickly got into Weightlifting to gain power in her strikes and Yoga to keep everything in proper alignment. Learning so much she was motivated to become certified as a trainer and sports nutritionist to advance her knowledge so that she could share it with the masses. Now with over 4 million followers & growing daily world wide people are looking to Valeria for daily motivation, workout routines, and nutrition. Valeria’s ultimate goal is to Inspire and Uplift others to take responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle because she know all the happiness it holds. Valeria gained a lot more then muscle with training; she gained confidence & security in herself and that’s her goal for everyone.