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Marissa Rivero's

30 Day Booty Sculpt

Marissa Rivero's

30 Day Booty Sculpt
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30 day fitplan
Train 4x/week
45 min workout
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Build Muscle
Shred Fat
Tone and Tighten
Booty Gains

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About my Fitplan
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Marissa is a global bikini fitness competitor and IFBB Bikini Pro athlete. Since entering the fitness industry in 2013 and winning 1st place in her debut bikini fitness competition, Marissa has rapidly established herself as a top fitness model and athlete. In this role, she has amassed over 730,000 followers on Instagram where she uses her influence to help others not only look better, but also feel incredible from the inside and out. With her Fitplan, she guides others in the gym and transforms their bodies and their minds, using the same fitness regimen that has transformed her own life.