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Kevin Lo's

Performance HIIT

Kevin Lo's

Performance HIIT
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My background in sports as a former D1 collegiate athlete has allowed me to build a strong belief that working out should not just be intense and effective but also fun. It's called playing sports, after all, not working sports! I love to incorporate a fun athletic training style into my workouts, which takes the form of an eccentric mix of my favorite aspects of calisthenics, bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, and strength training. But I also emphasize acquiring an understanding of how a particular movement or training style works and how it will affect my body. My philosophy is that anyone who puts in the time and makes a conscious effort over a long enough journey will undoubtedly begin to look and feel better, making significant and steady gains in strength and mobility as time goes on. Take it from me: the unique training styles I’ve implemented over the years have increased my results while also making training more enjoyable because knowing the why behind what you're doing makes your workouts more meaningful and allows you to adjust them to meet your own particular needs at any given moment. All that said, I have to admit that working out was not always easy for me. When I first got into training, like so many others, my desire was transformation. In my case, I wanted to gain weight, as I was an underweight high school football player, which didn't exactly help with my performance or my confidence level. So I know what it's like to be insecure at the gym, and I equally know the power fitness has to boost your confidence once you set clear goals, and take the necessary steps you need to make them a reality. As time progressed and I learned more about diet, nutrition, and training techniques, I was able to really transform my body, and today, I am passionate about sharing my wisdom and the benefit of my experiences with others. My improved physique and performance didn’t just help me in the game, but off the field as well. The self-confidence I gained led me to be a better version of myself in all areas of life and has helped to build the work ethic I have today, no matter what I am doing. My message is to remember that working out is only one part of your life, but it's a part that can improve so many other aspects of your life, both directly and indirectly, whether in finances, relationships, or overall happiness. So let’s get fit together, challenging and supporting each other to ever greater gains, and together we can improve not just our bodies but our entire life!
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