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David Morin is a world-class fitness model, personal growth influencer, and father of four from Miami Beach, Florida. He has featured on the cover of over 30 fitness magazines, co-starred in the Netflix documentary ‘The Perfect Physique’, and has movie credits including Michael Bays’ ‘Pain & Gain’. But David’s affect on the world reaches far beyond these external accolades. Having used fitness to overcome a difficult period in his life, David discovered a strength in mind and body that completely transformed every aspect of his being. Arousing others to their own innate power became David’s driving force, channeling his lifelong passion for health into a greater mission for the world. In 2015, David revived himself from a 5 day coma stemming from a pulmonary embolism. Having faced near-death, he is now more motivated than ever to live his passion of awakening others to their ultimate potential. David has since founded LynxFitness, is a corporate wellness speaker, and continues to innovate the world of fitness while consistently surpassing his own limitations in order to inspire others to live their best lives.