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Jimmy Lewin's

Ultimate Shred

Jimmy Lewin's

Ultimate Shred
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Jimmy Lewin started on a wild ride when he left Sweden in 1997 to travel the world. Stepping off the plane, he didn’t realize that he would never be coming back. Jimmy got bit by the travel bug and lived in Italy, India, Thailand, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, and finally Venezuela, where he met his gorgeous wife Michelle Lewin. Now settled in Miami, the pair have taken the fitness world by storm. Jimmy initially started working out to change his lifestyle. He was a big partier and drinker. When he started eating healthy, his party life slowed down and his interest in training ramped up. Through hard work and discipline he started seeing incredible results. He had some extra motivation being married to Michelle. In the words of Jimmy, he can’t really slack being married to the hottest girl on the planet. He knew he had found his calling. Up until now, Jimmy has been the man behind the camera. As a trainer, manager, and agent, he has helped Michelle build her global brand. When Jimmy joined Instagram, he was suddenly thrown into spotlight. His account grew faster than he ever expected. Thousands have contacted Michelle and Fitplan to request Jimmy as their personal trainer and now Jimmy has answered.