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Lasse Matberg's

Viking Strength & Function

Lasse Matberg's

Viking Strength & Function
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Lasse Matberg is Lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy who has amassed a social media following in the 600,000’s and counting. Lasse is the closest embodiment of a modern-day Viking, with his large frame, long golden locks, and fun-loving persona having rightly earned the attention of many. Now, a cross-training athlete and outdoorsman with a degree in personal training and sports nutrition, Lasse inspires to lead others by example in being healthy and fit. For Lasse, health and fitness is about consistently striving to be the best version of himself, rather than a competition to be the biggest, baddest or strongest. Lasse focuses on developing strength that is functional, pulling from a combination of disciplines, including powerlifting and calisthenics. It is his hope that he can help to instil confidence in those that have been bullied or made to feel small like he once was by inspiring them to challenge their limits and rise above them.