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Brittne Babe is an athlete, Instagram model, personal trainer, entrepreneur and influencer. Being born and raised in New York, she became famous at the age of 21 and is now well known around the world. She began searching for the perfect sport at the age of 11. She first tried basketball and cross-country before discovering track, a sport in which she was a natural. She entered the fitness-related social media space when she was only 18 and has learned a lot through research and the old-fashioned way: asking her mom for help. Her mother, Kimmy Pie, entered the nutritional field over 10 years ago and was involved a lot in Brittne's development as an athlete and Certified Personal Trainer. When Brittne began creating free meal plans and workouts for friends and family she never imagined that it would turn into her life's passion and gain her over one million followers. Through it all, she's been genuine in translating her personality out into the world. For Brittne, fitness is a journey with no final destination. So when people ask her, "When do you stop?", the answer is always, "NEVER".
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